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I think I posted this in the wrong area before.


Down the track I'd like to do some collab work with another rappish person (I'm far from ready right now). I feel like this could be a collab track, myself doing 2 verses and the other member another 2.


But I feel like this one needs a chorus that I couldn't write. I feel like it needs a bridge section thats sung to build up to a really powerful chorus (without been too poppish). I was wondering if anyone had any inspiration upon reading. Also i need to tighten up some lines, like i say it came all at once.


I'm sure you guys know the feeling of wanting your lyrics to be perfect. I usually struggle to write because of 'perfectionists block' but Ive had a creative patch lately.im not saying what i write is perfect, but you know when you can't satisfy yourself with your own work sometimes? Lately I have been satisfying myself. That probably sounds egocentric but i don't mean it like that.


I have no idea what I've even written about but it feels kind of monotonous and apocalyptic so i want a powerful chorus that contrasts that exactly, like a rebirth or something. Probably a female vocal but anyone who has an idea love to hear. And just thoughts, you might even be able to tell me what I've written about! I didn't mean to drag that out so much.VD.



Let me
Engrave some words upon this page
Inscriptions across a cave wall
Could we be the prophecy that was foretold?
The lyrics between these lines provide me with every breath I inspire
Call them lifelines
Call us the light at the end of the tunnel in these dark times
The planets align
And our arrival coincides with the departure of the night
As the light tries to take back the grip it had in decades gone by
And I just sit and I write
And regardless of whether or not there's a beat there's magic in the words if you use them right
A piece of paper signed by yours truly, Ashley Wright
United By Rhyme



CHORUS 4 to 8 lines

One verse
Can't suffice the advice I have to give and require
And the abrupt conclusion to my first stanza required expansion
So I'll transcribe my transcript
And translate these cave paintings into modern day language
Try to clear up this shit
With this second verse allow us to continue to converse
Rehearse these words and try expose the codes contained within this prose that I wrote


INCOMPLETE V2. Maybe just a chorus no bridge here and a bridge again at the end of the fourth verse.

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