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Royalty - a love song

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Hey there songwriting community!  I started out with this song, wanting to use instruments I hadn’t used before...( enter the GarageBand string section) then I ended up thinking it sounded like music you’d hear at a Royal Palace somewhere...so, I ran with that idea, and decided that sometimes you have to claim a mentality of ROYALTY for yourself...and love those around you as though they are Kings & Queens.  Give yourself permission 😄🎶👑. Looking for feedback as to feel, lyrics, and form.  Please excuse the choppy video editing...I’m still not pro at that yet...lol!  Thanks in advance for your time spent helping me with this song!





Music, lyrics, and video by Miuzia.   



Verse 1

Dont need tuxedo or a crown

Just holding hands downtown

Dont need a castle on a hill

to see you really love me still



Its not about the diamonds, or about the gown

Its that look you give, and how it makes me live 

And it turns my frown upside down



You’re my king, don’t need a title or crown

I’m your queen, don’t need a diamond or gown

You’re royalty, baby, You are royalty, sincerely



Verse 2

Don't need a life of fairytales

Bury treasure, wedding veils

Just hold me close, on the dance floor

So I can give you love galore


(repeat pre chorus and chorus)




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Hi, Miuzia.


The feeling was nice, the warm and classical mood with the string.

Overall melody and your voice style is more like RnB, so if you add some pads and slower drum it would be more nicer.

Also the sound is quite distorted, maybe you can get aac or wav from the garage band and mix it with your voice.

I am looking forward to your another song. :)


Best Regards, Luke

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