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Song lyrics but no music! Can you help?

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:) Hey everyone :)


I'm a singer/songwriter and have some original songs. I have so many song lyrics that I've written but no music for them. I either start from scratch or write lyrics to a backingtrack. The original songs that I've done have been co-written and music played by other people... My friend does guitar but she can't do it very often being overseas. I'm wondering if anyone wants to help me out by playing an instrument for my lyrics , co-writing or simply giving me backingtracks to write to. I have 100's of song lyrics which are going to waste. I like pop/rock. I've put a link below of my "Original songs" youtube playlist, have a listen and if you like my writing and style let me know if you wanna play an instrument, co-write or if you have backingtracks. My singing isn't the best but it's also not the worst lol. 


Hope to hear from some of you and feed back on my songs would be good. :)












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Look. I could help cowrite and play guitar for ya, but I live out in Florida. Not sure if that's close to you or not, so...

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