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explanation for enlarging melodic range of (community) songs

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Dear all,


I have observed that over the past decades the melodic range of community singing seems to be enlarging on the low end. More and more lower tones like A or even G (left of middle C) are being used. Is this observation correct? Can anybody confirm this? If correct, is there an explanation? Can you name an expert who might be able to explain this?


Some background. Last year I bought a Saxonett made by Jupiter. This instrument has a very nice deep mellow tone, can be played with recorder fingering (my background), but unfortunately has a limited range of one octave and a full note. (middle C to D). I used it to play Psalms and Hymns. These historic church melodies pose very little problems as for the melodic range. Some have an occasional high E, but can be transposed down 1 note. But current Gospel music poses a lot of problems. A considerable part, one third?, has a melodic range of more than the one octave+1. This brought me to my question. I have consulted a church organist and a choir director, but they had no explanation.


Thanks in advance for any help!



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