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Interactive music education software

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A while back I picked up on not one but two Novation Launchpad Pro's.  I'd been familiar with grid type midi controllers in the past, most notably the linnstrument.  When I got the LP's I was mesmerized.  I started to adapt my zrar tapping techniques and was quickly learning 60's / 70's and 80's synth / keyboard licks on it then...  Full stop.  I looked over at my guitars and said... I want to play more guitar.  I'll come back to this after I get more stuff as I wanted a midi foot controller like a kmi softstep.  Well expense after expense halted me from ever getting the softstep.  And I through myself back into guitar playing.


Last week I looked over at the LP's sitting collecting dust in my studio and said to myself it's time to start playing these things or get rid of them.   Everything I'd done before was lost. I played it terribly.  I was furious with myself.  Started from the ground up playing scales and chords to become reacquainted.  Then I remembered that I had a copy of Melodics on my computer which came with the hardware.



In the past I've been rather opposed to interactive software for learning music.  I've found that the whole bouncing ball thing would only keep students interested as long as they saw it as a game that they could play.  Usually they would go back to game playing and lose interest in learning an instrument.


Melodics monitors your practice while you are performing. If you are ahead of a beat or behind it or not hitting the right note it will let you know as you play.  When playing is done a score display will show how many things you missed or played to early or late.  It also will give you a progress report comparing your current performance with previous ones.  While I really wasn't interested in learning EDM/hip hop drum beats which is where one begins with the program I've simply accepted it as a necessity for gaining a better mastery of the instrument.


I opened it up yesterday started at the beginning and covered the first three lessons.  Spent more than the prerequisite 5 minutes practicing.  If I finish the basics course I may pay for other courses available.  I've already been playing with it for a half hour today and I'm going to get a little more practice time in before I have to head into work.

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Just an update.


I purchased an annual subscription https://www.melodics.com/pricing


I actually thought about picking up the keyboard again.  I've played plausibly in the past but back then playing the keys was not my thing compared to other instruments.  I'd go through the motions and learn songs and licks here and there but I was never passionate about playing.   Instead I'm simply going to link my launchpads and play them like keys which I've already been doing.


I haven't let down on my practice regiment yet.  While it's easy to track progress with individual lessons tracking overall progress isn't the same thing.  I'm working through the course-ware (they also have lessons that aren't attributed to course ware) The other side of things is I'm less interested in other music related activities like learning songs on guitar.  Or improvising over jazz standards like I used to.  

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