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Tapper Mike

Do you keep an offline diary/journal?

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This actually should be added on to my post regarding goals.


After discussing how many used to blog but no longer do on another forum.  One member said she may blog as a diary.   That's dangerous stuff.  Anyway I thought I'd keep a journal of my practice routines offline.  That way I can compare goals and progress towards them.


Practiced today...
Bb Major melodic Minor. 5 minutes each
Waltz for Debbie (Bill Evans) - Complete
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Complete
Polkadots and Moonbeams - Complete
Our Love Is Here to Stay - WIP
Dream A Little Dream of Me - Vocal and Guitar... Had a solo guitar version somewhere still looking for.
Girl Talk - Heffti and Troup - need to bring the tempo up. Ending Still needs work.
Body and Soul: Need to dedicate more time to the B section.

As I look upon it now  I need to make time to get some Novation Launchpad practice time in.




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Posted (edited)

I've never kept a activities log Mike, but I've always been a huge believer in writing things down...most of it off-line.

  • My first couple years in restaurant management taught me the value of to-do lists. That's been a habit for decades & still is. 👍
  • I've always kept detailed notes on my individual musical projects...all hand-written, all off-line & kept in spiral notebooks on a shelf in my studio. Since you're never sure what you might need the info for, it's better to have & not need ^_^ ...at least that's my take on the subject. Many of my tunes were written/recorded decades ago & surprisingly enough, I use most of the information in those notes for various projects. When I put that "Story Behind the Song" project together, all that detail was crucial. I not only have TAB of each part in the arrangement, I have notes on BPM, song key, chord charts, which guitars were utilized for which parts of the arrangement, track assignments, how various instruments were recorded (mic'd amp, line-in, etc), which of my 3 Tascam decks were used, if the song was rewritten/re-recorded, if it was written in stages, if so-exactly when, if it was remixed in later years, etc. etc etc..... ;) Some would consider that more than a little anal, but in hindsight I'm very glad I spent the time. Fact is, you have no idea what uses you may find for that information down the road. I'm definitely a case-in-point. Had I not kept those notes, countless projects I've done in recent years would not have been possible. I highly recommend it! BTW - that's how I knew exactly how "One More Time" came about...a combination of good memory & even better notes.



*Top shelf, right-hand corner :rolleyes:



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I have a habit of throwing myself into one thing and letting all others go.  Sure building up my setlist for solo guitar is important to me but there are also other things I need to keep up with.  Keeping an activities log helps me to do this.


When I first got the launchpad pro's I put down the guitars entirely. I stopped playing the artiphon.  And I had a great time figuring out stuff on the launchpad pro.  I worked out scales, patterns, chords, licks,  I figured out how to make the most of the control surface features and more.  Then one day I looked over and saw my guitars.  I said I want to play guitar for awhile.   The LP pro's collected dust.  Sure I wanted more stuff to expand their capabilities by buying more stuff, but bills and whatnot kept on getting in the way.   So they started to collect dust.  Then when I went back to them I'd forgotten everything I did before with them.  All the covers that I'd learned, working with live etc.  



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I can definitely understand how maintaining a journal would help stay directed & maintain focus. :D

Everyone is different...find what works best for you & do it. 👍



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