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May Song Contest

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Welcome to the May Song Contest – an open format contest.


For any newcomers, open format means the entry can be at any production level - from just you and your guitar to a fully orchestrated masterpiece :)


TO ENTER: You must post your song in this thread.


The timeline is as follows:

• Entries will be accepted now through Midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) Thursday, May 31st, 2018.

• Voting (scorecards) will take place Friday June 1st through Midnight EST Sunday June 10th, 2018.

• Please don’t start scoring until I officially post the scoring instructions.

• You must score all other entries or your entry will be disqualified from the contest - just saying!

• I'll post the results shortly after scoring is completed.


If you plan to enter, please review the revised rules, pinned in this forum.


When posting your song to the Songs Feedback Forum, please include:

•song title

•writer credits (If it’s a collab with another Muser please make that clear by including their M/M id)

•audio link


Please include the lyrics on your post. Videos are permitted. (Voters are encouraged to refrain from watching any video until after they've scored the song.) All Musers are welcome to submit songs as contestants or score the songs as non-contestants. Any questions or problems should be sent to me (paulcanuck) via private message (PM).

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*Photo is a YouTube-link...just click to open. 



The Real World


                         Since I was a child, I’ve been hopin’ to find                            

Something that I’ve always had here in my mind

A niche, a place, a group, a time that lets me see

The world , the way I always thought, that it could be

A fair & honest world, a kind of promised land

The one, as children, we believed was close at hand

But instead, what I get is the real world

Cold & hard, it’s the let’s make a deal world

Fairness lives in fairy tales in the real world


Growin’ up, I learned about things wrong & right

Good & bad, no in-between, just black & white

Cut & dried, no shades of gray, all absolutes

No compromising of beliefs, no subtle truths

Older now, I look around & see a place

Built on rules I never learned, but have to face

Once again, what I get is the real world

Watch your back in the let’s make a deal world

Things are rarely what they seem in the real world


Life’s one never-ending surprise

Each day’s a lesson that opens my eyes

Watching, imitating success

Hearing what’s said, but learning what’s best


Now-a-days I view the world through cynic’s eyes

Skeptical, but hopin’ that I’ll be surprised

Still lookin’ for a niche, a place, a group, a time

The image of a better world, still in my mind

Mostly though, what I get is the real world

Suck it up in the let’s make a deal world

Still I hope for better days in the real world


Copyright 2007- Tom Hoffman

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(C)2018 David S. Becker Music
Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker



Everybody’s got to wait to see
When they die will their soul fly free
Will the pain be swept away
Is it just a role in another play
My heart keeps pumping way too fast
I can’t find the breath to ask
But I’ve got
Hey I’ve got to know

In the morning when I wake in light
Tied to a drip with a nurse in white
Please make my pain go away
Just can’t last another day
My head keeps spinning faster
Please tell me what comes after
Cause I’ve got
Hey I’ve got to know

And will I be alone when I get there
Or will you hold my hand like in my prayer
Will he lead me to my father’s resting place
And wipe that lonely aching burden from my face
Bring me home
And will you keep my wife and children safe
Make their home a cherished happy place
Can I look upon them every now and then
I fear without them there’s a heart that will not mend
Bring me home

Thought that I could plan ahead
This came upon me like a big code red
I think of the things I'll miss
Scratch them off my bucket list
I can’t make this go away
The agony is here to stay
And I need
I need to know

I can’t stand that sterile stink
No sleep not a single wink
A constant beep from an IV pump
Hair falls out in one large clump
And I just can’t think clearly
As the morphine drips so freely
I need
I need to know

CHORUS (1st half only)

This will be peaceful
A sympathetic way to end
Such compassion
I am surrounded by my friends
I need to do this
It’s the path that I must take
Just give me one kiss
Let me see my resting place
I’m going home (spoken)

 (2d half only)

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"Funky Baby"


Verse 1:
Ice cubes don't sweat .. but it ... sure looks like they do.
Well, melting away like that ... wouldn't you?
Tryin' to keep up ... with filet mignon ...
and trippin' on checkmate ... when you're just a pawn, Oh No!


You got to get your funk on!
But don't be gettin' too high.
It's gonna get hot, whether you like it or not, so roll on ...
down that runway and fly.


Verse 2:
Sometimes I think we're livin' ... in a crazy dream.
Where all is as it is ... but not as it seems.
Drop the microphone ... and split the scene.
But try and keep it funky baby ...
You know what I mean, people?


Like a bird, baby, 
or a 747, 
Queen of the Skies ....



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The Night Lingers On


All music/lyrics Steve Ison



Motorway through the countryside 
as winter life reels about you 
Get away from the dust and grime 
You realise you might.. 
Celebrate in the morning light 
when you arrive free of doubt 
So you drive going dusk till dawn 
beneath your eyes tonight 

Always forming 
Doing alright by everyone 
And the night lingers on... 

Motorway through the countryside 
Just going by near to something 
Anyday it'll be so fine 
it could be all you want 
Hear the waves in a distant cry 
'We'll Never die" 
though years are tumbling 
Goodbye to the desperate world 
Where all your lives were caught


Always forming 
Doing alright by everyone 
And the night lingers on... 

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