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Not a perfect performance as I just finished the song and I froze my fingers off outside.



I just wanna scratch this springtime itch

Mother Nature sure can be a bitch

Would you look at all this crazy snow

I think that it’s time Yeah I gotta go


On a, vacation somewhere warm

Sweet sounds from a beachfront band

Spring showers and thunderstorms 

Sun tan my toes in the sand 


I just wanna pull this winter scab

Mother Nature sure don’t give a damn

What to do with all this ice

I think it’s time I go someplace nice




This can’t be right 

It’s the middle of April 

January’s back 

And I’m not grateful 

Summertime is near

But it’s so far away

Wintertime is back

I think it’s here to stay




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     Very nice.  I think you have this song down cold!  The plaintive vocals seem just right and the snow flurries add some overall ambiance. This song was me before I bailed on the northeast in late January. I think I missed 5 feet of snow, so far.   I won't say a word about the weather where I am now, because that would be just plain cruel. 

       Hope you can write about the first signs of spring soon. Hang in there. 

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