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Mike B

Song order on an album

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Many people would say 'it doesn't matter because people don't listen to albums anymore' - and they'd be mostly correct.  There are a certain number of 'older' music fans, though, who do listen to albums/CDs, and not just random playlists.

So the question for a songwriter/performer who is putting their own album together - how do you decide in what order to put the songs?

In some cases it might be easy as the song collection tell a story, but most often the songs are 'stand alone' and the order is not as clear cut.


As my songs tend to be all over the spectrum - acoustic singer/songwriter, piano ballad, full-on rock, and almost anything in-between - I try to not put 2 songs together that have the same basic soundscape.  I also try not to put songs together if they are written in the same key or have similar chord structures.  But after that, what ....?

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Excellent question!

I'd probably begin and end the album with strong tunes. That way you make a good first impression & leave 'em wanting more...hopefully. ;)

I've never released an album or EP, but if I were to, I'd be particular about my choice of first & last songs.

Other than that, I agree with many of the things you already mentioned.




*BTW is it just me, or do we now have "star rating system" for topic threads? I don't recall seeing that before...part of recent upgrade perhaps?

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