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Looking for a co-writer to create the music for these lyrics

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Seeking pro level composer to create music for these lyrics. If this is you...you should be able to pick up on the melody easily as you read the lyrics. Completed song will be copyright myself and the selected composer equally. I will contribute the vocal tracks. Do not be fooled by the comedic nature of the lyrics...I am a very well rounded and experienced writer with many years of practice behind me...and a back catalog of many more songs of a serious nature still needing to be brought to life musically. I tend to continue working with those I collaborate with so this could very well end up being a long term partnership. If interested reply through private message and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you!




"Brunette in My Bed"



I woke up this mornin' with a brunette in my bed

And an unfamiliar ring on my left hand

But all I can remember is a night out with my friends

Down at the water hole to see the local band

I needed time to think

I needed time to clear my head

So I kindly told the girl she had to go

But as she left she turned around, and then she said to me

Before I leave I think there's something you should know



She said

You told me that you loved me after meetin' at the bar

Then took me home and we got married the next day

You drank too much and then passed out

While on our honeymoon

And I've been tryin' to wake you up the last two days


I couldn't process all the things that she had said

So I told her just to come back in and prayed

Then I saw the ring that I had placed upon her hand

That my dear momma left me when she passed away

I stayed in shock for another hour or two

In a daze not knowin' what to say or do

But then I finally settled down and took it all in stride

And called my family up to tell them all the news


[Chorus 2]

I didn't mean to drink away my loneliness

I wasn't lookin' for a nuptial surprise

But guess I'll make the best of it and treat her like a queen

And maybe she'll cook me some supper every night


My family they all gathered up and drove the roads all night

They couldn't wait to come and meet my brand new bride

And when they got here they were stunned

By the beauty they beheld

They were so happy for me they began to cry

They started askin' questions 'bout the way that we had met

Then they asked if we had dated very long

We quickly changed the subject, then we fired up my gas grill

And just kept feedin' them until they all went home


[Repeat Chorus 2]



Lyrics Copyright © 2017 Daniel Lee Williams

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