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Caution with Youtube product demos

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Hey guys.
I just wanted to point out that in the digital age, marketing is numero uno factor for getting sales. As such any company that takes itself seriously spends a decent amount of money on making their own product demos, as well as handing out a few of their products to artists and reviewers for the sake of publicising their product. Specifically, if you're not on YouTube you're doing it wrong.

The big issue that I want to highlight is the following : It is not always obvious to distinguish what is 
1) A genuine person or artist doing a review because they can. They are critical of the product and have not been paid for a bias
2) A paid promotion from a brand to make a video for their product. The product is only talked about positively because it is an advert
And (optionally) 3) Limbo - A demo of a product made by an artist, but subtly disguised as a review. The video seems like a review, but it only serves the purpose of an advert

To highlight this problem here are some examples I've come across that tripped me up.

Exhibit A) Hall Of Fame Reverb by TC Electronics. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbnqZveBjt4
In this video, Tony Grey demo's a product on the TC Electronic's official channel. He opens up his video with flattery, saying its a very important pedal for him and his sounds personally. He goes through various settings like a demo praising the product and shows us many different sounds and what he likes to use.
The problem for me is that there is no note to the viewer that this is a video that the brand paid him to make so that they have an advert to promote the product positively. Whether the brand gave him an opportunity to make a video where he could say what he wanted. Or whether he genuinely likes the product and did it out of kindness towards the brand (not likely I know, but possible etc).

In gaming, YouTube have put in specific rules on this subject. You can not be paid to make a promotional video for a product - without explicitly saying in the audio of the video, and in a caption on the video, and in the video's description - that it is a paid promotion.

Exhibit B ) Westwood Overdrive by Earthquaker Devices - https://youtu.be/SAkCrzvoc-I

Different company, different artist, exactly the same problem. The video begins with some overdrive sounds. After the artist says that its hard to hear whether we are losing 'our low end'. But that it's good that there is a bass knob on the pedal and suggests that it would probably respond well. He ends the video saying he's intrigued by the pedal and gives a personal anecdote about busking in an area named Westwood.
Is this an advert? Or an artist genuinely trying out a pedal for fun without being paid for a biased view point? Again we dont know, we are left in limbo.

There are many many more videos like this, but I think you see my point. 
Perhaps its naive to think that a company should have to point out that they are promoting their own products. But my issue comes with the 'review' esque format.

I actually really like the Hall Of Fame Reverb on bass, and I don't doubt that Tony Grey has used it himself at some point. But I do wish he gave clarity that he is demoing it FOR TC E, on their offical channel. He even signs off as 'This has been Tony Grey' just how any everyday youtuber would sign off - regardless of the fact its not his channel.
Even a small title card with the brand's name would help viewers distinguish that this is a brand's official advert - and not a yotuber making content for fun.

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