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Hey! Just wanted to introduce myself :) I’m Carla

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I’ve been in the Music industry for about 10 years now....professionally, but I’ve been a musician for as long as i can remember. I grew up in a large musical family in St. Louis, MO. My grandparents had 15 children and their children had children so we were basically a choir. There’s several piano and guitar players in my family as well so one of my favorite past times is just jamming out with the fam. Especially around Christmas time. Harmonies were always on point. My grandad was a pastor so we were all in his church choir too. I started getting leads around 9yo. All of that to say... music is in my blood. 


I’ve been singing forever, but i actually broke into the industry as a songwriter. I got my first deal in 2005. It was an independent company, and even though it was a pretty crappy deal it was my stepping stone to the majors. I signed with Flyte Tyme Productions/EMI Music Publishing in 2008, moved to L.A.  and I’ve been rocking ever since. My co-publishers and mentors are Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. They took me under their wing and have become like dads to me.


I’ve worked on a lot of major projects and i won my first Grammy in 2011. In 2013 i hit a personal/spiritual shift. The business kinda took its toll on me and my focus changed. It’s not so much that i don’t see myself as a writer anymore... I’m just more interested in helping people launch their careers now. I love music through and through and my love for music single handedly changed the course of my life. I know what that meant for me so now I’m focused on doing that for others. I teach for my company and I work with public schools, private schools and also music colleges. I’ve also hosted a few workshops and I feel really fulfilled with it. 

I am here to share music... because I’m definitely still a musician (i don’t think it’ll ever change lol) , but I’m also here to help give feedback. 
I’m hoping to meet some really great friends here :)




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Welcome, Carla - just dive in! There is a huge mix of experience here, and of backgrounds (musical and non-musical) - I'm sure you will find something to interest you!

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