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Walter The Weasel

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This was fun to write.  Hope you like it.  Open to your ideas.


Walter the weasel.



A weasel named Walter was walking through the woods

When he passed upon a possum named Paul

Now Walter thought Paul wasn’t looking very good

All curled up in a ball


“What’s up?” asked Walter to his little friend

“Have you gone into a possum funk?”

“I wish”, said Paul, “’cos it’s worse than that,

I’m in love with a female skunk.”


“I know,” said Paul “It makes no sense at all,

But I’m sure she’s the girl for me.

But I can’t get the nerve for a social call

And that leaves me as you see.”


Well, Walter sat down when he saw his buddy’s frown,

“Don’t be such a baby lamb.

If I can’t get that girl for you

I’m not the weasel I think I am.”


So Walter trotted off until the odor made him cough

And he was sure that he had found the spot

In the heart of Skunky-town he asked all around

Till he came across the kitten he sought


She had big black eyes and shiny fur

And a fluffy tail held above.

Well, Walter took one look at her

And knew he was in love.


He fell right to his weasel knees

And took her tiny paw

And he spoke of love and a little Fabreeze

As the future that he saw


She pulled back her toes and wrinkled her nose

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I cannot.

It’s not that I think you an unpleasant peasant,

But it seems there’s an odor you’ve got


“ME?” cried out Walter, “This must be a joke,

I bathe nearly every day.

You are the one glands in her ass

And we all know about that spray.”


So he messed up his buddy and missed on the girl

And you probably find him quite evil

But everyone knows how that story goes

And I told you that he was a weasel.

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Are you, by chance, related to Dr. Seuss? 


I like it. 

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This sounds like someone reading a story not a song. What is with all the quotation marks? The weasel  was trying to move in on his friend's skunk but he got denied.  Ok, now what? I think the story would have been better if Walter scored.  After all, isn't he a weasel?

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