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Every Time (original song)

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I can't sing worth a nothing. And my playing is crap. And my songwriting skills leave a lot to be desired.


But I would really like for someone to tell me which direction to take this song in. I feel it has potential.


I just really don't know how to pull that potential out of it.



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Definitely has potential. 


So I'm hearing basically A B C B D E B as far as progressions go, with each progression essentially being a variation of the other. Essentially. 


The A progression, the part of it where you're singing, I really like. It's too long, but is pretty good. Now, the B section I don't think has enough variation to follow A, especially a long A. C would work better because it's such a contrast in dynamic and tempo, BUT you're still working with the same sounds all in all, a chord structure a little too similar. I would wonder if there's not just a change in dynamics you can make but also a change in chords and sound. 


While we're at it, the D and E sections, I'm a little curious how they would sound layered with other pieces. Actually all of these phrases, you could experiment with laying them on top of each other -- of course you would have to follow the same or similar chord structure, but it could offer some interesting sounds and nuances. Do you have something to record tracks with? 


Anyway, as you know, what you have is a good foundation for a song. At this point, you have a lot of experimentation to do. As I mentioned, if I were in your shoes, I would be trying to create a phrase or two that contrasted harmonically, and I would experiment with layering your current phrasing / playing styles to hear the results. 


I thought your voice was pretty good, btw. Keep it up! 


EDIT: Another way to find variation is with the singing. I'm not a singer/lyricist, so I don't have much to offer but that I know there are plenty of songs that keep an underlying harmonic structure while the singing pulls in the dynamics and contrast that keeps the song interesting. 



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Thank you for your advise and compliments, Moso. I always felt the song was a bit, no, VERY repetitive, and, just like you said, too long. I always wanted to provide more variety/variation in the song. A lot of times it feels like the song is going off on its own tangent, but that's just me grasping at sounds and trying pull a song out of it. I'm going to try everything you suggested, experiment and see what develops.


I used to have a home studio program installed on my old desktop, but I lost all that when my old desktop crashed, and I lost the program and all my sound files as well. Oh well. I have my music pretty well committed to memory, so I was able to record my music onto my digital camera and upload them to my youtube account.

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