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Gone Foever

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gone forever

Walking paths where I once trod it's impossible to return
To that once ago of another age
Where I spent my leasure, now has changed forever
Like a wind that blows away footprints in the dust 
Yet the sun still shines above and the grass still grows below
Moments of today seem short and fleeting 
Becoming a brand new yesterday 
Before they know today has ended.
This racing aging time will stand still for no one.
What is this world if not a place called now, 
Living in the moment is an impossibility 
When the future needs planning somehow
When recalling the friends I used to know 
There is a sadness in the gladness in times we once shared 
Never realising that our meeting could be the last time ever
Without so much as a final fond farewell 
Fortune quickly disappears into the past
Adventures that could have been, become missed chances
A golden chain breaking in our hearts and minds
As each day separates us more without care, 
From our past treasure's that we often try to recall
With a fondness of love and ties ever binding we say goodbye




Edited by Clemo
Change of lyric
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Well said, Mike. This is the other bookend to your With a Smile lyric.

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