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Starting an Irish music collective

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Hello my names is J.M.Ive been a singer and producer for a few years now and I just wanted to organise a group of talented beatmakers,singers,rappers,web designers,engineers and graphic designers that hail from the land of Ireland.I feel as if we all work together we could really make great music as well as change the music landscape together in the coming years in the same way groups such as odd future and brockhampton have.Theres really only one requirement to join this group and that is you have to be between the ages of 15-18 to join since I myself am 16 years old.I know this is a huge risk to take but I feel as if I we can really achieve great things if we just pulled together our ideas and really make something great out of our music.So yeah pm me your music If you want to join and thanks ind advance.

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