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Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" song development on youtube...

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I really like it when an artist explains in detail the mechanics of their own way of working out a song, as different ideas can often get me out of a rut or take me in a different direction with my own small efforts....


Found this on youtube recently for Ed Sheeran's monster hit "Shape Of You" - actually a collaboration (interesting to see that in itself) between Ed, Johnny and Steve.


Loads of good stuff, for me anyway, showing the development of a whole song from the first 10sec riff idea shown to Ed, to seeing how it's layered to keep the repeated riff from becoming boring; whenever that's in danger of happening, they add or remove rhythmic sounds or strip it right back or even add pauses.


The song itself is probably not too every muser's taste - however the process they go through is, imho, instructive.


Does this process chime with anyone else? - or perhaps it may give you ideas for song development for your own stuff...







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Thank you for posting this! I love to see how different artists go about writing their songs and the collaboration on this was really interesting. You're absolutely right about different ideas and getting out of a rut too. I really enjoyed this, thank you :)

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