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RPM 2018 -- Would love to have a singer!

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Probably some of you here have heard of the RPM challenge already, but if not, it's something that takes place every February where people try to write and record 35 minutes of music in one month. There's no prizes or anything, just kind of a way of trying to force you to put something out there instead of endlessly waiting for inspiration to strike.


Anyway, the point is, I did the challenge in 2017 and am planning on doing it again in 2018. And although you're not really supposed to start writing until then, I have a pretty good plan in my head already, and for one song I'd really like to have a "guest" singer.


I'm A-okay with on-line collaborations, and here's how I've done it in the past: I can write and record everything on my end, then send you the instrumental, the lyrics, and a "guide" track (I can also send a PDF of sheet music if that helps), then you record yourself singing it and send me the .wav file of just your vocals so I can mix everything. Basically the goal is to minimize the amount of work and effort required on your part.


The genre would be something like heavy-rock-but-maybe-not-quite-metal, so no screaming required :) The required range would be about an octave and a half, from a low C, up one octave, and then to the next F, so something like C3-F4 or C4-F5 etc. For the curious, I can post a link to my results from last year as a reference, just make sure to lower your expectations....

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