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Sodajerker on Songwriting Podcaat

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Anyone else listen to this podcast? 




If you don't already you probably should, over a 100 back catalogue episodes now to listen to with interviews from some of the greatest songwriters ever to have lived.


Some of the more recent highlights I have enjoyed were The Lumineers, Jason Isbell and the latest episode with Noel Gallagher, which while maybe not as informative as previous interviews is bloody entertaining haha.


They interview such a broad range of songwriters from a wide range of.genres there is something for everyone. Personally it has opened my ears to a much more diverse range of sounds and I am so grateful for that. 


Worth a listen folks... Cheers.

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Thanks Murphster!


I did listen to a couple of episodes some time ago but haven't thought about it for a while. There's just too much of everything, too many podcasts, youtube videos, tv series, movies, books...Ahhhrrgghhhh!!!!! :D


I'll get back to it.


Thanks for reminding me! :)



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Thanks for posting this, I'm not much of a podcast person, but I see some that would be of interest.  Colin Haye, when I saw him solo live (small intimate venue) was hilarious - I hadn't laughed that hard in years.

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