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"Narwhal" is a unique and vibrant ensemble named for the unicorn of the ocean.

percussion - drums - two basses - vibes - guitar - piano - organ - two violins - clarinet - eight voices

And this current project involves an additional drummer and another singer, too. 


"The Watermill Project" - modern musings on Korean folk songs - hits the stage for the first time tonight.

am excitedly looking forward to the performance and simply wanted to share the news and show-off the poster.


My membership and participation is a constant and unexpected source of big life-giving delight.

It is an honour to be part of it.


The Watermill Project.jpg

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I believe the technology is being organised....

But this may have to suffice until video is available:




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On 11/28/2017 at 11:22, Alistair S said:

A video would be nice

....  a recording would have been cool, too.

Sadly, the technician responsible is a klutz and a schlemiel.

Hard to be both at the same time - but let's say he is particularly inspired.

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