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Ghosts                       ©2017 Robert George BMI


I’ve got gypsy rover in my roots and I was raised to travel

There are certain places I can feel the spool of time unravel

Some say history is sand but I say history is fluid

Dripping from the breasts of Nefertiti on the tongues of Druids

From the phantom engineers of ghost trains in the foggy Balkans

To the skulls of modern buccaneers in sunken Pirate Falcons

From the weeping wives who oiled and wrapped the corpse of Tutankhamen

To the dancing shadow of an undead Maricopa shaman


Though it’s an unsolved mystery

It matters the most

If the scroll of world history

Was written by ghosts


When I’m standing at an Arizona crossroads in a cool rain

I can see a blurry caravan of wagons and a mule train

Peaceful spirits in the ruins of a Spanish monastery

Spectral paladins that guard an old Apache cemetery

Ghostly Sopwith Camels over Europe with eternal pilots

Bullet-ridden paratroopers dying on a bed of violets

Pipers play Amazing Grace among the heather of the Highlands

And it soothes the bones of lost Marines in south Pacific islands


Though it’s an unsolved mystery

It matters the most

If American history

Was written by ghosts


Destiny is one more cardboard castle

One more king and one more queen

One more fortune teller

Whose demise was unforeseen


Death is like the smoke arising from a fallen dueling pistol

Or the grey reflection in an old Romani woman’s crystal

It rides double with a skeleton upon a midnight Harley

And it mounts the wind that swims through moonlit North Dakota barley

So I tread my boots across the earth and track its spells and curses

And I sleep with doubt and wake with faith in other universes

Dreamy worlds of apparitions that my spirit might inherit

But I’ll only walk a cosmos that my present dreams will merit


Though it’s an unsolved mystery

It matters the most

If my family history

Was written by ghosts

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