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The subject matter of this video may offend or upset some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


We've all lived through periods of our lives when all seems lost. When we're not sure if or how we're gonna make it out of the place we are in.

When life picks us up and throws us around and it takes everything we have just to hold on. When we are living just to breathe.

Please watch, listen, share and subscribe.


Let me know what you think?

Thank You.


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Hi Jon,


Good job all round here - fabulous sound, vocals and song.


I didn't find the video or the song subject matter disturbing at all.


I did find the camera close-ups of moving subjects (fretboards, faces, scenes)  disturbing visually - kind-of made me feel a bit giddy. I don't know if this was because it's a hand-held camera that is moving a fair bit or the fact that it's close-ups of subjects that are moving - or maybe a combination of both?


Are you using a wide angle lens on those close up or a visual effect on the image? (for instance at 30sec the close up shot of the neck/fretboard of the guitar is not straight).


Enjoyed the video and song.







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