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its been a while, I`ve been around


I was just wondering what others thought. Does a slideshow have much of an effect on the listener?

or does it just get in the way of where the listener would go with just the music.

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Hmmm.   Could you provide an example to base a response to your question on?  Really depends.  I prefer an actual video but I suppose a slide show could work, but an actual video illustrates movement, motion. A slideshow captures time and moments in it that are frozen by a camera but that doesn't necessarily mean the slideshow stunts the emotions of the listener as it relates to the music. 

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yes I can share a clip with you. this clip was made with "Microsoft Photo story 3 very easy to use program, 

i`ve had some say the show took them in a different way they thought it would just listening to the song.

just trying to get some ideas  how to use the slideshow, and when not to. maybe when its directed at a certain thing?

but not to when its a generic" let the song take you where it will.


this will show you a song with show. any feed back is welcome..

I think there is a total difference between a video and a slide show so the impact will be different.

but is there enough difference to "not use the simple slide show?


sometimes its a hard call, I have a song , without a video, and the way its written you all most have to have the video or slide show, I think it helps that much, but thats just me, and a different song. you



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