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Alistair S

Soundcloud in trouble?

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Soundcloud has laid off a lot of staff and looks as if it is in financial difficulties. They are looking for investors.


If you have your music on Soundcloud, it may be sensible to make sure you have kept copies (just in case). It would be a shame to lose anything.

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Again? Oh d-d-dear-dear-dear!! :)

They seem so poorly managed - to me they miss so many opportunities to make money - like running ads, selling music, etc., etc.

Maybe they'll figure it out if someone with some marketing brains buys them up - or not.. :(


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Thanks for the heads up. I definitely will have to check I have my songs from 10ish years ago.

2 years ago, a friend who works for a music hardware/software company said something along the lines of 'they have never made money with soundcloud' and 'it bleeds money and they don't know how to fix it'.

Those of us who do use it will have probably noticed soundcloud has trying to re-brand themselves as a music app that rivals spotify, serving not only upcoming/bedroom artists but also many mainstream acts and artists.
For me this makes very little sense. Soundcloud is a great product because its almost all music from amateurs, with the odd thing from professionals. Once search results are filled with official bands and acts' official albums/EP's, it kind of loses its purpose/audience/niche.

If myspace is any indication to go by, soundcloud as a website will exist for sometime. Personally I think: over time soundcloud will be owned by very different sets of hands, trying to make it work. We'll see various changes and amendments take place, to the point where it doesn't look anything like the original vision of the site/service, and most users find somewhere else to go.

The reason I draw the comparison is because myspace went from being a haven of content creators messing around and sharing their work, to trying to be an 'entertainment channel' featuring top charting artists and big labels.

Seems like the cycle will repeat yet again...

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I have a page there but nothing uploaded as-yet.  I do hope they keep going, although I was never planning to put anything up for money making purposes in the first place.  I always thought of stuff I put online as more like free stuff to show off, mainly for the purposes of creating buzz and cementing your material as your own.  I suppose it will still function for those purposes even if it lays off a lot of staff.  So long as they keep existing at all...

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It really would be a shame to lose SC - they have been pretty much ubiquitous when it comes to internet audio.

However, like pretty much every tech company that folds, they're not going to pull the rug out within hours.
We'll all be given ample time to archive our audio, should that dark day ever come.

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