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June Song Contest

Welcome to the June Song Contest – an open format contest.


For any newcomers, open format means the entry can be at any production level - from just you and your guitar to a fully orchestrated masterpiece :)


PLEASE NOTE: This month we will be trying something a little different. To enter this month's contest, you must post your song in the Songs (Inc Instrumentals) feedback forum. This contest thread will be used to show a list of links to those threads rather than the songs themselves. So to enter a song - create a new Topic in the Songs (Inc Instrumentals) forum and send me the link to it by Private Message. I will add your link to the list of entries in this thread. If you have any questions please PM me.


The timeline is as follows:

• Entries will be accepted now through Midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) Wed, June 28th, 2017.

• Voting (scorecards) will take place Thurs June 29th through Sunday EST July 9th, 2017.

• Don’t start voting until I officially post the scoring instructions on Thurs June 29th.

• You must score all other entries or your entry will be disqualified from the contest

• I'll post the results shortly after scoring is completed.


If you plan to enter, please review the revised rules, pinned in this forum.


When posting your song to the Songs Feedback Forum, please include:

•song title

•writer credits (If it’s a collab with another Muser please make that clear by including their M/M id)

•audio link


Please include the lyrics on your post. Videos are permitted. (Voters are encouraged to refrain from watching any video until after they've scored the song.) All Musers are welcome to submit songs as contestants or score the songs as non-contestants. Any questions or problems should be sent to me (paulcanuck) via private message (PM).


Here are the entries:


Muse Name Song (opens in new tab)
Eric Borgos
Interesting Times
ScenesFromPalacio Girls on the Beach
RoadDog Keepin' it Real
GocartMoz 100 Days
RickDieffenbach Friend to the End
Scotto Run Away With Me
Jambrains Since I Met You
Fabkebab One Love Manchester

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