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If you have children or are in an environment where you work with them, then you must be familiar with the craze that's sweeping the US.  It's called a fidget spinner. I started noticing them after spring break when they appeared at work like an army of red ants.  Just about every student I have seen carries at least one or two or three or more.  They're the size of a human palm, metallic and you hold the central dial with one finger on top and another on the bottom and the device spins around the central dial and the entire device or at least the ones I see are shaped sort of like a clover, although I hear there are other shapes too.  I'm told and have read that they supposedly help kids with ADHD and autism to relax and focus.  But, despite that they seem unstoppable in terms of getting rid of their presence in an educational environment. ............Meaning.  They're a major distraction and are also viewed by many as a potential weapon if one gets hit by a fidget spinner, even accidentally.   I don't think I've seen this much of a craze since the days of Rubik's cube.  Any thoughts?  In my opinion, they are a major distraction, especially the ones that have lights on them and they all make a noise when they spin which is noticeable even if faint.  I'm no Doctor but we're raising a nation of hyperactive, hypersensitive brats we wire up and wind up. Whoever hopes to become a millionaire on this new toy gadget is doing the population more harm than good with devices like this.  Add this to the tablets, and other electronic device distractions little Johnny brings to school from home and then has a fit over when he is denied access to it and or it is taken away from him.  Instant gratification & an escape masked as therapy to psychologically soothe a tantrum or a child's intolerance and mind you I'm not talking about autism. I know nothing about it. I am talking about the mainstream population which this craze seems to be rooted in and wrapping its claws around. 


I'd like to know any and all thoughts on the subject and whether this craze is strictly an American thing or has it hit Europe and elsewhere?


Here are a couple of articles and videos about Fidget Spinners. 














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Fidget Spinners


They're red, they're yellow

They're orange, they're blue

Absorbing your brat

Who hasn't got a clue

Addiction spins

Round & round

Till one becomes two

And they litter the town


While learning they distract

An entitled class

Becoming an obsession 

And a pain in the ass

Take them away

Kids rant, rave and cry

Emotionally ill equipped

To understand why


Like users they fidget

Just like the device

That adds to the disease

And societal vice 

Craving, consuming

Never satisfied

Hungry to show off

The new toy that they pride



Carl B  2017






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So you're saying I shouldn't have let my step son buy 2 of those this past weekend. Lol

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I have yet to see anyone playing with one, but see the ads all the time.


Remember 'clackers'?   All fun and games until someone loses an eye.  :rolleyes:


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