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Vara La Fey

How often are posts deleted?

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I went looking for my "Incoming" thread from - I dunno, a month and a half ago? - and can't find it. I understand that posts are deleted to free up space. I'm just wondering how often that is.


I wanted to save all my old feedback into a file for later reference when I rewrite the tunes. Guess I missed the window on that one.  :-(

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Very rarely. I haven't deleted anything in the last year and have no plans to delete anything anytime soon.


I'd give a warning before any clear-down.


I can't find it either - but it was definitely posted on this site? I don't recall seeing it. I can see you posted it on a couple of other sites - are you sure you posted it here too?

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I was so sure I did, and I def meant to. I did post it on 2 other sites, plus my YouTube. (Good detective work!!)


Also a user on here mentioned that I'd posted it, but it turns out that he's also a member of one of the other sites, and prolly saw it there. Ok, I guess I can post it all fresh and new here.


Sorry for being a dingbat.  :-(

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