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I'm new-ish to this website, and I do have lyrics, but most of them are unfinished. Am I allowed to post verses or unfinished songs for critique, or do they have to be completed? Thank you in advance.

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I think it can be quite challenging to critique a verse on its own. I expect people would give it a shot, but it would be a bit like asking "What do you think of this meal? So far, I only have asparagus - the rest is undecided, so you'll have to use your imagination". 


Probably the best way people can help is by addressing the reason lyrics remain unfinished, even as a draft. I don't know why they remain unfinished. It could be because you lose interest in the subject matter. It could be because the second verse is often harder than the first (because it has to match stresses with the pattern set by the first). It could be for a number of reasons.


Have you considered starting a thread in the Songcrafting forum addressing the difficulties in finishing a lyric? I'm sure you aren't alone. You could give an example and see whether people can help. Just a thought.


Of course, it could be that the lyric IS finished. It could be very short (some songs are) or it could just be a poem - in which case try Artist's Cafe?


And then there is always Songs in Development.


Post something up and see where it takes you - but think about what help you want. I'd suggest help should be directed at getting something finished :)



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