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In need of some vocals: A true romance

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Anyone up for doing the vocals for this one? Male or female...





A true romance



He’s been watching her

From a distance every day

Never gathered up the courage

To take her hand, just to take her away

Many love songs later

Behind the curtains wetted with lonely tears

Drowning sorrow in Sir Daniels

Drowning sorrow as well as fears




She’s been kissing strangers

On her front porch all life long

Up until that moment

Where all hope for that special one was gone

And she shut her self in

Never leaving him a chance

To showing her how much he cares

To offer her his true romance



All the rednecks boys that she’s been dating

Up so far

All they really had to offer her

Are their pick-up trucks and the backseat of old rusty cars

Empty words and promises

Diluted in her tears

Somehow she neglected to notice

The boy who in a crowd would disappear




She’s been kissing strangers…



And when finally she gave up

And her very last time had come

The church was full of empty spaces

Of empty chairs all except for one




She’s been kissing strangers…



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I would really love to attempt this song! It sounds really good in my head.

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