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Hey guys,


So I have been trough a rough time and I wanted to tell you guys so it maybe could inspire you for a song. Now there are two parts of the story that really don't have anything to do with each other. So I'll tell you guys what happened and maybe you could turn it into a song. This might not be a good story for people younger than 16 cause there are some things that aren't necessary child-friendly. Also, the only thing that is in the same story (a bit) is the girl.


So the first story is my more personal story. This happened a few years ago (I am now 17) and I had a girlfriend. We had a great time together but the relationship went extremely fast. Now keep in mind I was like 14 at the time so we didn't really know what we were doing but things got sexual. We didn't "do it" or anything but we were touching each other at places that weren't the most normal places for 14-year-olds. We used to do this pretty often on our rooms or somewhere where no one would find us. After a while, we talked about it together and we decided to not ever talk to anyone about it and to break up. We didn't talk to each other for 2 years and she got a new friend. They broke up together and that's when I started texting her again. I knew she was hurt and I wanted to help her. I went to her house the same day and the first thing she did was giving me a big hug. We talked for hours and we accepted our past and left it behind us. I always blamed myself for the stuff we did (even tho she said it was her fault as well) since I was the one who had started. We kept having contact and we both went into different relationships with other people. Every time we were in trouble or we had problems we could talk to each other and we could always get together if we needed someone to cry with. Now we are both single and I'm starting to get feelings for her again. I don't want too but it's just happening. After all we have been trough together I don't want to lose her because I love her too much. I told her that I like someone else just to make sure she doesn't find out that I like her. And now (a week later) I know that I was stupid for telling her that. But we still are talking to each other and we are still best friends so ill see how it goes.


Now the second story is more family related. My parents divorced 4 years ago and this was a huge pain. My dad cheated on my mom for 2 years and my mom found out earlier but wanted to keep our family together. But she couldn't do it anymore and decided to break up with my dad. This was really hard for me and the girl from the first story really helped me. This was also the time when my parents just divorced and my dad went to live on a campsite where he hired a tiny house. My dad lived would move back in the house where me, my little brother and sister and my mom were living. My mom was struggling to find a new home so my dad had to wait and spend the winter in a small house with a bad heating. After this, things got worse. My mom and dad kept having issues about money and other stuff. My sister lost all her trust in my dad and she became depressed. Me and my brother and sister are all members of the same sports club. And it just happened to be that my friend from the first story is in the same group as my sister. This means that in the summer break they go to camp together. My friend saw that my sister was behaving strange and she took a look in her diary. What she read there was that the day before the camp started she had tried to commit suicide. After the camp, my friend told me this and I didn't know what to do with it. Me and my friend kept it to ourselves until something went wrong. My grades on school started to lower (I'm in the middle of my exams now) and I didn't know why. My mentor saw that something was bothering my and he wanted to talk about it. I told him the exact same story. He told me things like this can't be held back and he asked my parents to come to school. We explained what happened and I was happy to hear that my parents already knew this from my sister's psychologist. This thankfully

My mom and dad are still doing as they were and are still arguing about money.


If you need any more information you can hit me up on skype: zombieslasher15 or just message down below. Also if would be awesome if you could show me the lyrics or song you made but you don't have too of course. Thanks for reading.



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Do you write lyrics at all? To really capture the feeling of what it is you've gone through or are still going through it might be better if you try to write something first lyrically and then ask for help when posting it here or in feedback.  If it were me, I  would have a story that centers on the two characters getting closer but at the same time afraid of getting too close and the story would be told from your perspective..  Each is helping the other cope with personal situations.  Could bring the second story into one and use the family dynamics and details in a bridge possibly.  Any thoughts?  But, again. I would try and write something lyrically first on your own if you can do that.  In the mean time, I will think about the subject matter and what I said I might write and see if I connect with something in the creative juice department worth sharing at a later time. 


Good Luck & take it slow.  Life is just beginning. :)



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