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Hi guys, I'm an Australian lyricist and have just joined this community.

I am looking for a partner who has a great ear for melody and composition - I plan to form a songwriting team that is professional and focused on the craft.

Once we've established a good working partnership and are both happy we'll begin producing songs for specific artist and pitching to AR companies and contacts.

I'm passionate about the craft of lyric writing - genuine, authentic and powerful, and I need a partner who feels the same way about melody and production.

This will mean setting ourselves very clear professional goals, working together fluently and having a lot of creative fun along the way.

If this appeals to you then please drop me a line at tconnellspeced@gmail.com


If you'd like to see some examples of my lyrics I've attached three below.

I look forward to working with you soon.






Nashville Sensibility.docx

Something Beautiful.docx

This Father's prayer.docx


Edit: Please see my post below. Sorry. Alistair

Edited by Alistair S
Change in uploads policy

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The three links you provided are not accessible. Once clicking on each I get this ...... "Sorry, there is a problem.  The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."


If you're interested in collaborating the best way to do that here (in my thoughts) is to post some of your lyrics in feedback and get to know people. Critiquing lyrics and completed songs might also be a way for you to make connections but it takes time. 


Good Luck



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Yeah. I only allowed uploads/downloads in a couple of forums a while ago (on the old version). The new version doesn't let me limit uploads by forum, so I have enabled downloads everywhere now.


However, I've now limited uploads to image files (gif, jpg, png, bmp) and pdfs only. I'm concerned about word files and some other file types because they can be a security threat.


Sorry tjconnell but I have deleted your uploaded files. You will need to copy and paste them or load them as pdfs. I'm sure they were fine but I need to set up the board safely.

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TJ, I think you missed SB's point.  There are dozens or lyric writers looking for musical collaborators.  This site is a community, so your best chance of finding a collaborator is to get involved in the community.

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