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Update profile 'contact methods'

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Perhaps this is already in the works but incase its gone unnoticed..
At the moment if you go to your profile you are given these options for 'contact methods' (MSN, ICQ, YAHOO, Jabber, Skype)
I think this is very obviously out dated. It'd be great to see it replaced with something like: Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook ETC.
Maybe we could do an open poll on what social media people use for their music?

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I agree!


Those are a remnant from the past and can/should be changed - you have listed the obvious ones (to an old guy like me) - are there others we should include?


I do think it would be good to include people's website, if they have one, as well as their Soundcloud/Soundclick/Bandcamp, etc site (i.e. where they store their music) 


Edit: I've updated it now, and can tweak as needed (with the additional advantage that people can now see the contact methods you choose to share on your profile - they couldn't before!)


Edit: I also noticed that signatures had been turned off, but are now back on.

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I believe the most acceptable contact method is by full name and postal address.

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