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Blurred Lines appeal updates

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mylene    5

So, I’ve stumbled upon this post and I'm a little surprised that nobody has replied to your link since it’s been such a controversial ruling. I’ve heard much debate for and against it which sound valid, but I think it’s going to be hard to overturn the original verdict. However, the argument being put forth in the new appeal does have some merit, you really can’t copyright a feeling or a groove. Watching to see how this one plays out because it’s not just about blurred lines but songs being made in the future. Thanks for sharing by the way.

PS: I know this was posted in 2016 but it's interesting what has become of the case since, so I felt compelled to respond.

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R-N-R Jim    5

    Yeah, its kinda hard to believe if this sticks, then imagine the number of blues songs that use the same cookie cutter chord progressions? If you wrote the first 4 or 5 blues progressions in music history, you could turn around and sue 99% of the decades of blues composers silly?

  Could the Beatles sue the rest of the British invasion acts let alone some American clones (Knickerbockers)?

I do admit that the "Blurred Lines" groove was lifted from that Marvin Gaye song, but if that's the case, do the BeeGees sue every disco act for using the same beat?

   They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Now the lawyers are going to determine what's creative and what's legal creativity? I mean, if I would have to hire a lawyer to listen to every one of my songs to determine whether or not Im going to get sued? Who has the money to do that? What a repressive concept.:o But what a boon for the over priced entertainment law profession.:angry:

       In the future, will all the copyrighted songs in history be stored in patterned algorithms so that you could play your song into a computer software program to see if it violates anyone's copyright? Granted, that would have helped George Harrison's writing of "My Sweet Lord" and we would have never had that song ever created...hmmm...that would have been a pity, right?


     Again, I wouldnt want anyone to plagiarize my songs, but if they copied a certain sound that was my signature for making the songs popular (phrasing,guitar sound etc) I would consider that as flattering (though my sound is a mix of all that Ive listened to). The fact that many groups embraced the Beatles "style" that we were able to hear even more songs of that style that were for the most part good. Oh well...I'm sure this matter will work itself out in the courts. If not, we are in for a tidal wave of court cases to follow.

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