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Testing Youtube Live

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(I tried to update the first post I made but I cannot so I do in this post instead.) 


I am testing out mic placements for guitar sound broadcasting live to Youtube live and how people would experience it visually and most important for us if it sounds ok by watching from a post in a thread on internet forums. I found out they all link to youtube anyway so that goal is reached lol.


I know I left this thread in a mess so Im trying to bring some order in it. When Im finally done in a few weeks hopefully I will ask the mods to delete it and try to do a short live demo where I play a couple of tunes to test it out. My goal is to be able to make and playback music live over the internet and anyone listening would hear the same as I do if they have reasonably good consumer sound systems at hand.


I guess that would be really handy when people collab over the interenet too wouldnt it? I like to collab anyway so I mostly do it for me lol


I mean if somebody wants to see whats going on here and why lol.


On handheld devices it will pretty much always lack bas and sound very "trebly".

Not sure if that is a word but its like this, anyone listening on an ipad will only hear the highest notes from lets say a guitar. So they hear pretty much only the high E and B and G a little of the D string and then it starts to get muddy if you dont have supergood guitars, nice sounding rooms, cool, nice mics preamps etc etc when you record the stuff.


You got to count stuff like that in so thats why I bring it up. 


You might have to scroll forward a little on the vids in this thread cause they are just testruns to find a good sound for live broadcasting to the internet. Most of them suck soundwize too anyway but I keep them cause I forget what I play cause I often make it up as I go on these broadcasts.


Sorry about the crappy playing but the guitar is tuned in G and I am having a bit of a hard time trying to find out how the chords are fingered out and suck at it so far.


I think probably this then should work as the first post so Im gonna post/replace the progress videos updates (if I make progres that is) in this reply.


I hope this is ok that I borrow the forums for this if not please get back to me.


(I deleted some posts in threads here. Sorry but I need to fix up my english a little I use way to many words when I try to describe how I have experienced you can go about to fix problems you run in to or anything actually. Way to many words here too.) 

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