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Graham Lester

34 lyrics looking for tunes

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I am new to this site. I have 34 song lyrics posted here: my songs

If you like any of them please use them and we will split the song 50-50.

I am also interested in working with songwriters who already have songs written but are not happy with the lyrics or who have a tune and a lyric idea but have not written the words yet. I will suggest lyrics and if you choose to use them I will take 25% ownwership of the song (i.e. half ownership of the lyric). Absolutely no obligation. If you just accept minor inputs from my suggestions that is free and I do not ask for any recognition at all.

Graham Lester


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Welcome to the Muse. You're going to find a lot of friends, allys and even potential collaborators here, if you know where -- and how -- to look.

Practically every aspiring lyricist who comes to this board (including me, back in the day) posts pretty much the same message when they get here. I've got lyrics, here they are, do you like them, who wants to write them? And the phone doesn't ring.

As a "words-only" guy, you need someone to take a lot of time and effort to write music for your lyrics, possibly even spending hours and hours recording it, with little hope of ever seeing any money come from it. And there are a *lot* of lyricists with the same hopes and aspirations you have.

Songwriting these days, at any level (from the bottom to the top) is about networking -- making friends, talking to people, building relationships. It's all about relationships. Nobody is going to pick up a random lyric from a stranger and spend time with it -- but many people will want to partner up with someone they chat with on the boards and have gotten to know, because they want to, because it's fun, because it adds some joy and delight to *their* life.

So...dive in. Post a lyric to the "Lyrics" board and ask for feedback (some of it may even be constructive); and add some constructive comments to at least two lyrics there, more if you can spare the time. Say hello in the General Conversation board. Listen to a few songs on the "Songs" board. Check out the monthly, and no pressure, 'competitions.' Go to the Creativity board and work your muscles on the "Rhymes" thread. Chat. Get to know people.

It takes a while, but not a long while, to become part of the community here. When you take the time for other people, they will be happy to take time for you.

Again, welcome. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks for the welcome!

I have been giving feedback in the new lyrics thread already and I plan to continue doing so.

I shall also post a lyric or two of my own there when I write some new ones.



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