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An eye opener...

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I was at a session last week when something happened that should NEVER happen.

The artist whom I am working with at the time (no names) mentioned a song we had worked on along with this same engineer a few nights before. The artist felt that the same treatment which was used on one song would work on the song we were working on on this evening...NO NO NO NO NO!!


The engineer and I both looked at each other in shock. The artist had shown his inexperience (Don't do that!) by saying this.

What is the title of the piece you are working on?... Right, if it is not the same piece so, you never treat it as such...NEVER!

When you create a special effect, never duplicate it on anything else. Never think that the eq moves you made on one song will work on the next song. DO NOT THINK LIKE THIS, IT IS A DISEASE!

Each song has it's own uniquely, individual spirit, it's own life...Songs are not dried Sea Monkey eggs which come in identical packages. When they are treated as such, nothing sounds special.

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