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Matt Callanan

Looking for tracks for album (style of Tyler Hilton / Gavin DeGraw)

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Hey peeps,

After years of being in bands, I have decided to venture out on my own. Been doing the whole function/cover gig thing which is fun, but now want to focus on getting an originals album together.

I am ok at lyrics - can't write music for beans so ideally looking for instrumental tracks (although I would look at songs with lyrics too).

I am looking for songs in the style of Tyler Hilton, Gavin DeGraw, Matchbox Twenty (I know that it is a pretty broad range but I want to incorporate the styles as I think it will best suit my voice).

Idea will be to get a demo version of each track (I would like about 24 in total with a selection of the tracks being used on the album). The demo would be sent out to EVERYBODY I can think of, as well as getting my agent to send it out to everyone that they know too. Hopefully it would then be picked up by somebody and then a fully produced version of the track can be made.

Thanks guys



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Hi there,

they sent me site news and I got here following the link, saw forums and your old post, so, do you still need

a composer? And where could I hear your team's works?

As for mine, here you are - my latest songs/beats(I'm a producer too):

http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11734100 pop ballad

http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11494209 rock beat

http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10012870 reggae

to hear more, go to:


so, let me know if interested

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