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The service of a lyricist

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Attention to the bands and individual performers who need lyrics in English!

I offer the service of a lyricist and write lyrics for sale by individual orders. It is up to the performer to define the style, the contents, the structure and the rhyme form - I follow all the guidelines.

If you already have the musical part for your song and need lyrics, I will help you out with that as well - I have a lot of experience in such a kind of work. I can also proof read and edit your complete lyrics and bring changes to them if necessary.

The average cost of one piece equals to about $100.

I live in St. Petersburg, but I'm ready to collaborate with musicians from the whole world, as I receive the payment through money transfers.

If you are interested, you can always contact me via e-mail: aprilavalon@gmail.com

You can get acquainted with my creative works here:


P.S. If you need the servic of a composer or arranger as well, contact my collaborator Alexander by the following address: p.s.shante@gmail.com

And be sure to mention you are writing in response to April's announcement.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to become collaborators soon!

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The average cost of one piece equals to about $100.

I'm afraid you probably won't get much business.

Why would anyone pay $100 for a lyric when there are thousands of writers who will provide a lyric for a share of the publishing? Un less you're working with a professional songwriter or artist, that share usually equals nothing. So the bottom line is that musicians looking for lyrics can get them for free. Pretty hard to compete with that.


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