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Needing help with translations for my website

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I'm in the midst of finalizing my website which will promote my new CD. The whole site is in English and I've done all the translations from German to English. However, I'd be grateful for somebody having a look at my work. My English is not bad, but I'm not a native speaker. All in all there are about 5 pages of text you would have to check - usually there are only minor mistakes. In return I can offer to do a similar thing for you in German (if needed) and I will mention you in the credits (if you want me to do so).

Thanks a lot for your help! :-)

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If you want to give a link, I'll check it over. Drop me a PM to remind me.

Thanks a lot, Alistair! :)

I hope to finish writing the texts by tomorrow and send you a PM as soon as they are ready. B)

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The translation back to German took some time. :rolleyes:

However, English version went online last year - German version is online since a few weeks. B)

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