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A quick little melody

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0:26 went Zepplin on me. [i'll come back and reference which song when it hits me but it's one I like.]

I found it a bit hard to sing to, so to speak.

Too, I think you're own singering - no typo - could have used a little bit more ornamention for my taste, in the lead segments. I think for its coloring, which is familiar, then that might sort it from others with the same features.

What am I even . . .

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Not a bad melody. You play it a little clumsily. But I get the idea. You use repetition, which is almost always a part of good/great melodies.

You use a 4 phrase structure, again, a long standing method.

The first phrase ends on a weak beat, the 2nd phrase ends on a strong beat.

Again, an age old method, and a good one. I think you should make the 4th phrase end on a strong beat also.

The chord part has no melody, of course. The chords are nice.

This needs more, obviously. More development to make it a complete melody.

A good beginning.

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