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There's this shared traumatic experience out there about the hair salon - when what she got is completely amiss from what she asked for, described, pointed out in the picture, and heard confirmed as understood? Seems that's just the sort of luck I've had as a streak now with recording studios, including the aforementioned and suitably maligned "Paramount Group." Consequently this is neither my song in flavor nor tone, musically - certainly not as conceived nor as conveyed to my 'professional stylists'.

The singing is representative, lyrically, but is too featureless to have warranted evaluation in the melodies forum. You get a little robbed - the texture is found in rubbing the grain of the lyrical event against the original ska reggae's rythymical event.

Sorry. I got robbed too - lol. =]

And I will never get over

And I could never quite tell

All of the ways they played me

Like the children of the devil himself



Don't try too hard to track me down

For there will be incident

on the very day you come around

Don't even bother getting through

For I will not countenance

ever [at all again] to hear from you

VI) I'd hate to be unkind

But you just keep spending my precious time

Drivin'me out of my precious mind

And I will never get over

And I could never quite tell

All of the ways you betrayed me

Just like the devil himself


Don't waste your time seeking me out

I was at your service

Until I worked it out

Exactly what you were all about

Don't pine for me now that I'm gone

We could have been fit to rule

But you didn't have a clue

So ha-ha-how is it goin'it alone

Instrumental: (**wawoah so long)

V2) I'd hate to ever be at all so rude

As if an infection turned my soul

dark, cold, crude

And I would catch myself cussing

I'd curse you under my breath

Made an appeal to the angels

To please occasion your death

And maybe that was only a lyric

No prayer ever quite so bad

You should please take it personal

You nearly drove me mad

Woa, now, you nearly drove me mad

I said you really

nearly drove me mad

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