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Improvising Melody over a Chord Sequence

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But as a Western white guy, my musical heritage goes pretty deep into harps and lyres and horns and clanging symbols... all of which probably focused on melody and rhythm and excluded focusing on harmony. At least as I understand it. The Greeks and Romans and Hebrews had music as a separate 'thing' and that's where a lot of my musical heritage comes from.

I guess it depends on how far back we choose to take it.

I too am a western white guy. But one who is less confident about musical heritage. I am aware that history exists per se but, apart from a liking for rembetika, I feel no conscious connection with those earlier Greek Roman or Hebrew music traditions - despite my vague understanding that conventional European 'high-art' traditions claim such a lineage. That lineage would not seem to offer a satisfactory accounting for country or rock or pop or other vestigial folk-forms. Neither does it appear connected to those juicy intervals in Bulgarian choral folk traditions or the uncanny similarities between singing styles of Georgia and Corsica and Sardinia.

I have a book here somewhere by a Georgian choral scholar called Joseph Jordania, which presents a reputedly exhaustive survey of vocal music around the world, stretched across a vaguely evolutionary model. When I find space I shall review what he says about these different styles of polyphony and monophony and get back to you about where and how he connects up to those 'classical' ancient cultures.

Don't forget - in terms of how far back we choose to take it - and based upon what the genetic record suggests - we are all African.

Must have taken a long time for you and me to mutate into western white guys.

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At last, I have some video to show of the duet I have been working with in both the performing area and the media support area. The two are quite serious about the business, both with impressive resumes, and both here in the hinterland, getting their acts together.

The connection, as I have mentioned before, is that, while show tunes and hits make great covers, the media potential is limited in that what are called "sync" licenses usually require a lawyer. We might have cab fare.

So, composers of original tunes, the sappier the better(kidding), please look in on my most recent project

with an ear towards putting appropriate original material in their hands. Incidentally, we are friends with the penguins out back,

You tube to Danny and Rose

There are two: The LAdy is a Tramp and Somewhere Out There



Being You Tube, there is only so much I have to say about the display.

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