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Amazing how strong feelings can shatter so fast.

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When i feel a strong emotion i'll write because it helps me deal with stuff. This was after sort of a relationship with a girl, like i said in my last post i have trouble adding on to stuff once i feel i've hit my limit or stoped writing or w.e. so yeah edit add on w.e. you think is right go ahead. I try to rhyme and wrtie it like a rap.

"Its amazing how strong feelings can shatter so fast

your memorie that was once a dream is now a nightmare in my past,

if it was real it would’ve last but it didn’t the possibilities of what could’ve happend were so vast,

its time to move on

time to listen to a different song,

sure i still think about you in the earl morn afternoon and evening too,

but theirs nothing i can do, i admit i was stuck to you like glue,

your shoe was a different size the real person was a surprise, i can see right thru(past) your disguise(eyes). i can read all your lies this is my final good bye"

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