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      Song of the Year   12/01/18

      The Song of the Year contests (one for open format and one for 1+1) are currently running in Song Contests. It's easy to vote - just let me know your selections by the end of Saturday 20th!
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Song Contest Rules (old)

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Song Contest Rules for monthly Open Format and 1+1 comps

Who Can Enter? How Do I Enter?

1. One song entry per member, per month. You must have or share the writing credit for the song. This must be for either the lyric or the music.

2. To enter the contest the member must have a minimum of 50 posts at the Muses Muse. You also must have been a member from the 1st of the previous month to the contest you want to enter. So for example, if you want to enter a song in April. You need to have 50 posts and have been a member since March 1st, the month before the April Contest. If the song is a collaboration only 1 of the collaborators has to meet this requirement.

3. If two or more members collaborate on an entry, none of the collaborators can enter any other songs in the contest.

4. Place your song in the contest topic. Include the song name and a link to the audio. Please list the Writers. If it is a Muse Collaboration, give the exact Muser IDs of all involved in the Collaboration. Listing and giving credit to the performers is optional. Any other info may be deleted by the moderators. (Some members have signatures turned off so make sure you post the link to your song in the main body of the post.)

5. Music, preferably in mp3 format, should be posted where it can be easily accessed by all (e.g on Soundclick). Hi-fi and lo-fi streams are expected. Downloads are optional. Note that usually a Soundclick Radio Stations is created for each comp so non-soundclick songs will not appear on it.

6. Contestants are responsible for making sure the links to their music are correct. It is not the moderators responsibility to inform you if your link is not correct.

7. You are allowed to post a song that has already been up for critique in the forums.

8. Only post one version of a song in the contest thread. If you've recorded or mixed a new version of the song after you already entered the original in the contest, then you must either wait until the contest and scoring period is over to upload it, or upload it with a clear distinction made that the new version is NOT the one to be rated in in the contest.

How are the winners decided? Who Rates the songs?

9. To Be eligible to vote/score in a Muses Muse Song Critiques Board contest, you must have been a member from the 1st of the previous month to the contest and have a minimum of 25 posts. (see rule 2 for example)

10. When the contest deadline passes for entrants the Moderator will post a list of all the songs that entered the contest. If you're a Contestant or a Member who would like to send in scores you simply copy and paste the list of the songs, place your scores next to each song and send that list to the Moderator running the contest for that month via PM.

11. If you enter a song in the contest and do not rate the other songs, your entry will be disqualified from the competition. The moderator will reply to you to let you know he/she received your scorecard, if the moderator does not get back to you within 24 hours or near the end of the contest, feel free to send a PM to him/her to make sure they received your scores.

12. If there is a collaboration entered into the contest, only one of the Collaborators is expected to rate the other songs. The song will not be disqualified if the other(s) Collaborator(s) doesn't/don't send in scores. If more then one Collaborator sends in scores that is fine. Since the final results posted are averages not total points it will not hurt their chances of winning. (See Rule 19)

13. You don't score your own song. Don't erase your song from the list but leave the space next to it blank.

13a. Contestant’s own songs will be awarded an average of the votes they give the other songs (rounded up or down to the nearest 1). So for example if a contestant awards an average score of 6.58, the score for their own song will be 7, if they award an average score of 6.42 their own song will receive 6.

14. You must send your scores by the board's Personal Messenger to the individual who is running the contest for the month and you may send scores only once per contest.

15. If you don't score a song other then your own please inform the moderator as to why. (Couldn't open Link, web page having trouble, no Lo-Fi Link available etc.) This is to help the moderator determine if that song will be penalized or the average remain unaffected. See Rule 17 & 18.

16. How do you score/rate/grade songs?

You rate each song from 1 - 10 (where 1 is low and 10 is high)

Note that only one 10 and one 9 score can be awarded per voter or the scorecard will be invalid.

For all scores below 8 you may use decimal points if you wish e.g. 7.2 or 4.7

Scoring guidelines:

You are encouraged to rate the songs against each other within the context of the contest. e.g. if there are 10 songs you could use the full range of scores (1 to 10). If there are more than 10 songs the scores of 1 to 8 may be used more than once. A score of 1 wouldn’t necessarily mean a poor song just the least best in that particular contest.

17. If a song score is omitted due to computer troubles (unable to open) or an oversight on the part of the individual scoring the songs, that song will be on one less scorecard. Again like in Rule 12 as with a collab this won't hurt the entrants average, that individual or collabs total is simply divided by one less scorecard to find the average. (See Rule 19)

18. If a song score is omitted on a scorecard due to that contestant not following rules 4, 5 & 6 what happens? The contestant who didn't follow the rules receives a 1 point penalty each time this happens which is applied to their total score before the average is found.

19. The Moderator will post the full result after the scoring period for each contest is over. The order of songs is determined by the averages, not the total points. To get each songs average you take the total points it received and divide that by the amount of scorecards it was on.

20. If you enter the contest and your average score is not shown you may ask the moderator what your average score was via PM.

21. Comp will be void if there are less than 4 entries

Additional info for 1+1 contests (amended Aug. 29, 2011)

The philosophy of the 1+1 comp is that it is a barebones showcase of the song itself. One instrument, one voice. Simple effects may be used but keep it stripped down to the bare minimum. Vocally, in addition to singing, you may hum, la-la-la, oo-ooh, or whistle. Instrument use can be typical or creative, but keep it to just one instrument only. Period. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR POTENTIAL SUBMISSION, PLEASE CONTACT THE CONTEST COORDINATOR AND ASK AHEAD OF TIME! I definitely do NOT mind listening to a submission beforehand if you have questions about it qualifying for the contest and/or meeting the rule requirements, but you must contact me.

The rules posted above all apply with the following additions:

You are not allowed to enter your song if you have paid for the production, mixing, mastering, writing or performance of either the Lyric or Music. For no part of your song can you have paid anyone money.

This list is open to revision at any time. Notice will be given if and when any new rules take effect.

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