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Lyrical Development Toolkit

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FunkDaddy's Stuff To Make Your Life Easier

Lyrical Edition

Reverse Dictionary

Very handy if you've got a concept or general idea and need to flesh it out with similar ideas

George Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations

Stuck on where to take your story? Or just need a story idea to start with? This link will help!


Interesting take on a rhyming dictionary, very useful! Credit: Bubblingsoul


Good site for jumpstarting the writing process and for general tips

Songwriting Guide

Sort of the same ideas as above, lots of good tips and ideas for lyrics.

This will be an ongoing list and I have a lot to add, just wanted to post it while I had the idea, if you have any links, please PM, all credit will be given, I just want to keep this a tidy thread

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