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your pre-order amount yet, please do so.

These are the people we've heard from so far:













If your name doesn't appear here and you made the final cut - PLEASE contact us at the addy below.

Ulli has received nothing but positive feedback on continuing with the project.

I am trying to help her out a bit more in the contact area with you all. So PLEASE check your e-mail and respond accordingly.

If you were Muse participant (solo or collaborator) who had a final cut on the project, and you haven't emailed your pre-order amount to musecdproject@yahoo.com Please do so now!

The paypal account will be available shortly - we can't proceed and place the order without the funds anyway - so now the ball is in your court.

~Bubbles ;)

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I'll email this too but just in case you're here now:

The final cost of the CDs is still unknown. It will NOT be more than $3. So when you're pre-ordering, whatever amount you chose will be written in stone! We're getting a lot requests for the pre-orders so we're getting more CDs than we originally thought. So you will be held accountable for the amount of CDs you pre-order, so that we're not stuck with 200 CDs and no one who wants them. So commit yourself to the $3 price tag and if it ends up being less, be happy, and go buy yourself an ice cream cone :)

We have to pay 50% of the price of duplication up front in order for them to start our order. I think there's enough in the account for that now. So we'll go ahead and place the order and then contact ya'll for your money.

You will NOT be sent your CDs until we have your money!!! This special pre-order price is only for participants and is only available before we place our order.

We cannot place the order till we have a final count of pre-orders. I've given May 9th as a delievery date in the other thread about updates so in order to do that we need all your orders in by April 29th!!!!

Thanks everyone.....contact Bubbles or I through PM or email at musecdproject@yahoo.com



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FYI, I will be out of town tomorrow (Friday, April 22) but will be back Saturday. So if you send your reply and don't hear back from either of us immediately, don't get your panties in a bunch! ;)

There are quite a few participants we haven't heard back from yet.

Again, please contact us (OG or bubbles) via PM or the e-mail link listed in the above post.


Simply reply to the e-mail we've sent you with your pre-order information.

Thanks again, y'all!


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