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Found 8 results

  1. BeccaWrites

    Too much, too many

    Okay, so I wrote this last night around 1:00 in the morning, so sorry if its a little ify but I was a bit tired. Maybe you guys can help me smooth it out some but anyways: Verse 1: "I let you in, thinking my lips wouldn't bruise when I kiss you I puff out my chest, but I'm telling you right now I miss you." "We go from sad to sadder, Convince our selves we are better, than this, we spit on each other we fight like we're lovers but I'm feeling smothered , too much, too much, too many, mistakes already This kind of thing, it gets heavy." "The late nights, tired eyes "take me home's" it's no surprise to me. too much , too much, too many." Okay so keep in mind this is just the first verse, and this song has a sadder tone too it, and the sound is kind of more indie sounding. For refrence you can listen to Zhavia or Billie Eilish, we have kind of the same sound in music.
  2. realmagician

    Pop Spirituality

    This one will put you in a trance. I produced the music for this video in collaboration with Unicole Unicron. It was featured on MTV in 2015.
  3. Just thought I'd share my latest release, Honestly I'm not too satisfied with the Video as I think the editing could have been a bit better though my videographer informed me that unexpected things came up so he had to delay and rush the edit considering we had a planned release date, would love to hear your thoughts
  4. Hey guys its been awhile, i have not been able to create alot music in a while, but i recently finished a music piece. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks
  5. https://soundcloud.com/alexxxiii/revolution This is just a song I started a while ago and have been mulling over. Was stuck on the lyrics and just had the guitar riff going over in my head, but finally managed to finish it, so really looking for feedback! Thanks Lyrics: I tell myself to keep breathing Inhale once more exhale again Remind my heart to keep beating In case this time it forgets We’ve got kids growing up on TV screens Watching other people achieve their dreams Watching but they don't hear a thing Fueling old minds with hatred Turning on the news just to fall back to sleep Watching but they ain't listening Times change but they don’t move on Still stuck with the same bygones And we’re wondering why we still ain’t got real change Wars rage like fires burning on our fears what they thrive on Are you really wondering why things stay the same We are the people We are the noice We are the voice We are the sound as we scream it loud we are the people we are alive we are arrived we are born, to live our revolution What we gonna do when the world runs out of time Are you gonna run around with a sign saying the end is nigh What we gonna do when we finally realise We can’t just sit around mumbling in corners pointing at the other side take a deep breath in then breathe it out again stop pretending that everything's alright and get up, stand up, make the most of your time Chorus
  6. Here is a song i created that i would love to get feed back on. I have not been classically trained in understanding music, but that has never stopped me from making music by ear. I would love feed back frorm traditionally trained or none traditional music lovers. Thanks and i hope to give feed back to others soon.
  7. Hi everyone, This is my original song, "Make you stay". It is singer-songwriter/pop in genre. I am looking for critique about how to improve my songwriting skills. I am not releasing anything commercially, just trying to develop my ability and learn how to make my songs more interesting. Anything from critique on lyrics/melody/structure to mixing tips/voice etc. I really would like your to be brutally honest as I know I have a very long way to go and I am going to really use the criticism as I go forward to develop more content. I hope the song means different things to different people, but to me it's simply about missing your opportunity with someone and only realising it once it's too late. Thank you in advance. Lyrics: So this is how the story ends Decided we were better off as friends The way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile Nothing I can do to make you stay Same old you and same old me Beginning to see things differently From the moment that we met you were saying things that I won't forget There's nothing I can do to love you less Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll try and try change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll still try Can we go back To when we were more than friends Can I be the one you love again Cause I can't bear to watch you walk away Darling I would do anything to make you stay Such a feeling such a rush It started off as little more than a crush and it's the way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile there's nothing I can do to change your mind Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll have to change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll try So can we go back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything to make you stay Back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything darling I would do I would do I would do anything I would do I would do anything to make you stay
  8. This is just a small part of a song I started today, looking for criticism and suggestions of how to take it forward. Thanks in advance