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Lyricist, Composer or Both?

Musical Influences?

Found 23 results

  1. Yooo my name is Lukas Trip and I'm a singer/rapper looking to start a music group. I have about 4 years of music experience including recording, releasing, CD printing, and doing concerts. Some of the influences for my writing process are:Tyler the Creator/Odd FutureBROCKHAMPTONLil PeepTrippie ReddLil Uzi VertXXXtentacionLil YachtySki Mask the Slump GodI'm a huge fan of alternative/emo genres as well as newer rap, raggae genres, punk, and some 90s rap. A little bit about me: I'm 18, live in the USA, and accepting of anyone regardless of their gender, racial background, religion, or sexuality. Below is my email and a link to my debut single off of my upcoming album. If you vibe with it, then hit me up! Email is for serious inquiries ONLY!!Email:Itslukastrip@gmail.comLink to my music: https://soundcloud.com/lukastrip/enuff Thanks!
  2. This is the third single off of my Debut Mixtape called 'Questions of Life' (Free Download here: http://www.abacusmc.co.uk/music) The song is called Sent to Win: If you like it feel free to subscribe to my YouTube, Follow my Soundcloud, and Like my Facebook Page, or maybe even Download the Mixtape!! Much Love Abacus
  3. what do you guys think of this cover?would love some thoughts and feed back on how i can record better.
  4. realmagician

    Pop Spirituality

    This one will put you in a trance. I produced the music for this video in collaboration with Unicole Unicron. It was featured on MTV in 2015.
  5. Stream or Download in iTunes and Spotify here: http://smarturl.it/billygreyein Billy Grey © 2018 Follow Billy Grey on: Youtube - http://bit.ly/billygreychannel Facebook - https://facebook.com/billygreymusic Twitter - https://twitter.com/billytwit22 Instagram - https://instagram.com/billygram22
  6. My band Astral Planes from Denver, Colorado. This is a song about feeling helpless and abandoned after someone you love tries to commit suicide, I hope that's not to dark Some days i feel the sky falling on me I loved somebody once and had to set them free and I just don't know why it is but suddenly these walls are caving in speak of the devil there you are, you can find me in the back of a bar i didnt mean to ask so much but if you could forgive me and just wake up thatd be alright itd be ok ill drink all night and smoke all day Im asking do you, do you want to leave or do you want to stay? Cause there's one thing that I just can not take and thats a lie so if you want to go, then just say goodbye Some days i feel the earth crumbling beneath its hard for everybody not just you and me and I just don't know who I can trust, but if you don't call I wont pick up we run from this sentence but we dont get far its hard to sleep when your always on guard and i didnt mean to leave your side you were scared to live but not to die well alright that's okay ill drink all night and smoke all day So Im asking do you, do you want to leave or do you want to stay? Cause there's one thing that I just can not take and thats a lie so if you want to go, then just say goodbye Some people Lie and other people cheat you beg for your life and try to believe thats its worth a fight but its cold on these streets we've come so far but theres still more to see So Im asking do you? want to live Im asking do you? want to die? Im asking do you? cause i cant take it im asking do you? have to say goodbye https://www.facebook.com/astralplanesco/
  7. Good day to everyone at Muse Songwriters, I am an improvisational musician who wants to learn more about music, and how its created, by interacting with other musicians. I don't have a recognizable style, not something that can be categorized. So much so is that the case that when I auditioned for a music university, I was told that they loved me, but had no idea what to do with me. They had absolutely no idea where I stood on a musical level, and they had no idea where to fit me into their school as far as what major I might fit into. During the audition for one particular major, we were in the room talking about other majors, trying to figure out where they could put me. They couldn't figure it out. In the years since I have started playing my instrument, I have been "in the closet" per se. I have not been around any musicians, and though I believe in and love my music, I can hear that that element of interaction with other musicians is missing from it. There is more I want to learn before I want to perform and play my music publicly. Thank you for your interest up to this point, now here is my question: What starter-level job in music might I consider? I cannot stand the "music business" side, the idea of money and fame and record contracts and exploitation under the guise of publicity and success. Although I did say I am a very unique musician, I am skilled in the instrument I play, and I am gifted with the ability to learn by ear quickly, improvise, and remember songs l learnt by ear. I am also extraordinarily creative. I am not a virtuoso however, and the idea of getting a restaurant gig and playing music I really couldn't care less about, or learning very recognizable/skillful pieces just for the sake of appeasing an audience disgusts me. I don't have a college degree yet. I don't like teaching, and where I live, teaching in private music is very competitive. Ideally for now, I would love to work for a place that works with true musicians. The idea of being a for-hire musician in a recording studio, and being able to help other musicians write their songs, sounds like an incredible job for where I am right now. The problem with that is I am not sure if that job exists, and if it does, if it is at all a reliable job. I appreciate and look forward to any suggestions or advice you can give me, thank you.
  8. Seeking pro level composer to create music for these lyrics. If this is you...you should be able to pick up on the melody easily as you read the lyrics. Completed song will be copyright myself and the selected composer equally. I will contribute the vocal tracks. Do not be fooled by the comedic nature of the lyrics...I am a very well rounded and experienced writer with many years of practice behind me...and a back catalog of many more songs of a serious nature still needing to be brought to life musically. I tend to continue working with those I collaborate with so this could very well end up being a long term partnership. If interested reply through private message and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you! "Brunette in My Bed" I woke up this mornin' with a brunette in my bed And an unfamiliar ring on my left hand But all I can remember is a night out with my friends Down at the water hole to see the local band I needed time to think I needed time to clear my head So I kindly told the girl she had to go But as she left she turned around, and then she said to me Before I leave I think there's something you should know [Chorus] She said You told me that you loved me after meetin' at the bar Then took me home and we got married the next day You drank too much and then passed out While on our honeymoon And I've been tryin' to wake you up the last two days I couldn't process all the things that she had said So I told her just to come back in and prayed Then I saw the ring that I had placed upon her hand That my dear momma left me when she passed away I stayed in shock for another hour or two In a daze not knowin' what to say or do But then I finally settled down and took it all in stride And called my family up to tell them all the news [Chorus 2] I didn't mean to drink away my loneliness I wasn't lookin' for a nuptial surprise But guess I'll make the best of it and treat her like a queen And maybe she'll cook me some supper every night My family they all gathered up and drove the roads all night They couldn't wait to come and meet my brand new bride And when they got here they were stunned By the beauty they beheld They were so happy for me they began to cry They started askin' questions 'bout the way that we had met Then they asked if we had dated very long We quickly changed the subject, then we fired up my gas grill And just kept feedin' them until they all went home [Repeat Chorus 2] Lyrics Copyright © 2017 Daniel Lee Williams
  9. J.Ø.X (@itsjayohaxe) • Instagram photos and videos LYRICS BELOW: It's such an unfortunate That the sun is always punctual How I wish it to be late So she wouldn't have to go Oh why can't she just stay And postpone it one another day? Sitting on the roof As we watch a new day rise I'm being such a goof Just too dumb to realize That it's time to face the truth And goodbyes never sound smooth "Oh, it's so unfair" I said as she lowered her head and let her face be covered by her hair And she said: "Yeah, but there will always be this place inside my head" It still sounds a little sad She said: "These moments that we shared They will always be with us You don't have to be scared" But if I'm supposed to let her go why can't I accept the end And let go of her hand...
  10. Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to share with you my new album "Lo Mejor De Mi". Streaming here: ★𝚲п𝚲 Ǥ𝚲ñ𝚲𝛕𝔘Ḻ [Debut Album 🎙"Lo Mejor De Mi"] If you like it, don't forget to Suscribe, Like & Share!
  11. Just thought I'd share my latest release, Honestly I'm not too satisfied with the Video as I think the editing could have been a bit better though my videographer informed me that unexpected things came up so he had to delay and rush the edit considering we had a planned release date, would love to hear your thoughts
  12. Hello guys , I am an electronic producer and want to share with you helpful resources for music production. I am using a FL 12 (sometimes Logic) 1.https://www.looperman.com/forum e melodies 2.https://www.lucidsamples.com sample packs,drum kits 3.http://soundbible.com free sound effects
  13. A smooth poet from Brooklyn who brings the smoothest music, check him out https://m.soundcloud.com/kwame-johnson-39441025
  14. Hey guys! We developed a fantastic sound creation tool in VR that'll help you make all manners of machines, intruments and ultimately music. Now, we would love it if you would take some minutes to let us know what you think about VR gaming. It'll help us a lot to make something truly wonderful for you! This is it: https://goo.gl/forms/5p1xjp5UVH6o3J2g2 Thank you for taking the time <3
  15. Check out my latest song here https://sellfy.com/p/KsRi/#
  16. Hello all I want to introduce some new positive vibes to everyone would love to know what you think about them check them out here https://soundcloud.com/corey-turner-962071061/powersupply , https://soundcloud.com/corey-turner-962071061/why-wait-1 And if you want to buy it just click here https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/skutedizzle
  17. Does anybody know how that works these days? Releasing singles, I mean. 50 years ago, it made perfect sense - you release a record with only one song on each side to promote a particular song. But now that you can download any song individually, how do you identify one particular song as your single? I know artists are still doing it, but how?
  18. Oldmanwilli

    Roland - Ghost / GO

    What's up my peeps?! I haven't been on here in a while, but I've been getting a lot of stuff done. One thing being this new video I made.My editting skills are still pretty garbage, but I like it tho at least. Tell me what you think my dudes, I'm out here. Roland - Ghost / GO PRIMARI EP: https://soundcloud.com/oldmanwilli/sets/primari
  19. Just wonder if anyone ever try to make own video clip ??? I already asked on different forums but it seems to me one have to pay loads of money for decent video.... well ...cant afford it..If any one came across of any app or that sort of thing which enable to make video clip the easy and cheap way please share it. thank you
  20. This is the controversial rapper from the town of LU called POLISH. Hear my work at http://www.polishjangsta1.bandcamp.com Contains strong, offensive language.
  21. Hi Guys, I recently quit my old boring job and am looking to set up my own start-up based on trying to help with ear training and musical learning. I've been chatting with some leading neuroscientists and, combining the latest scientific research, mobile app and wearable technology, we think we can help speed up and enhance your ability to hear intervals, chords and scales (something that I constantly struggle with after playing guitar for 18 years). It basically works by creating associations in your brain rather than the standard repetition based approach. Before going any further I thought I would see if there was any demand out there for a solution to help with ear training. I've set up a basic website with more information at www.vibes-science.com and would really appreciate your thoughts/ideas on the matter before going any further down this road. Thanks in advance!