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Musical Influences?

Found 20 results

  1. Hey, i'm quite new to this forum. Hope everyone is enjoying their saturday. Im an artist, just like everyone else. Inspiration was Avicii back then, but he died, so. So i try to be the inspiration myself. I've been in the drawing board for 7-8 years now, maybe 9.. And i'd still keep making music, of course. Here is what i've made, from a new scratch & name. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some general advice/qritique on this instrumental I made. What do you think of it, what can i do better? And also, would you categorize this Hiphop or rather something like pop? I haven't finished lyrics over this instrumental yet, but I write in Dutch, so i think most of you wouldn't be able to undertand it anyway. I can only post 1 song, but feel free to listen to my other songs on soundcloud; https://soundcloud.com/moritz-leerink I'll post more of them over time. Thanks in advance! Moritz
  3. Hey, I am completely new to making music (started a few days ago), but I got completely hooked on some tunes and have been trying to make it into something listenable. There's no lyrics. Am not even sure how to describe it, someone called it dance/house but I'm not sure, a mix? I do know there is a lot going on it it however, perhaps too much, perhaps also too alike something else?! Very interested in hearing any kind of comments on it, I know I like certain parts better than others .. Thanks a lot, looking forward to seeing what others post on this site.
  4. Gabriel Caride

    What genre...?

    Here's a new track I've made. What genre would you think it could fit in...? Maybe "Ambient"... Idk
  5. Irwin Abrigo


    I kindly ask for your thoughts on my song.
  6. my new one-man-band piece is ready.here is also included an interesting video that is mounted by my friend.I need your criticism as usual.my video producer will be happy if you find a few words for him. thanks a lot!
  7. took a different approach to composing a tune than i normally take. this started off as a loop of sounds that i deconstructed and reconstructed. after careful consideration of all the feedback i got i: -cut out more of the slide guitar, allowing other parts to be more present -trimmed 68 seconds off the entire song, making the song move more evenly - a bell here, a whistle there i had considered adding a guitar solo at the end per one suggestion. also toyed around with other instruments such as piano and trumpet, but wasnt really happy with anything i was coming up with. it all felt like adding any of those was taking away from the over all song. so no main melodic motif, just lots of little 'rhythmic melodies' dancing with each other. the overall mix could probably benefit from a more thorough mixing and as such any thoughts and feedback on the mix is appreciated. how does this sound coming through your speakers? Thank You!
  8. Thunder Waves

    For Nothing

    "For Nothing" Composed by Ahmad Hesham Produced by Ahmad Hesham & Omar Hesham Recorded, mixed and mastered by Amr Hefny at Ganoub Studio Ahmad Hesham: Classic Guitar/Electric Guitar/Bass Omar Hesham: Piano/Keyboards/Drums Amr Hefny: Maracas Artwork by Ahmad Hesham
  9. syl_a_med


    Hey all. Here's another track from the upcoming album. I had to drop the overall volume since my bounces kept clipping (despite decent headroom in Logic...). This is an instrumental at this point although I have some vocals sketched out for the second half. It's supposed to be a lead-in to another song so I'm torn with what to do with it for now - I can split it in two and put half before and half after the following track, leave it as is, add vocals, etc. Lots of options (this is why complete creative control can be a nightmare!). What are your thoughts? Any and all feedback is welcome. Oh and the title was due to me thinking about my grandmother while playing around with some delay effects and also the silly idea that this would be a track nominated for a Grammy award.
  10. Clueless Crime


    My first post on this forum. A synth type track I'm working on. I'm hoping to get some on criticism and/or advice on mixing, transitions, outro, progression, repetition, automation or pretty much anything.
  11. Ecoraider

    The Climb

    Here is a song I am working on. It is the first song I have spent a serious amount of time on trying to mix. I'm pretty new to songwriting so advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. hi there! i'm self-learned composer and musician. wanna share here my new short trio. i played all instruments by myself. it's not masterly, i haven't illusions )) thanks in advance for any kind of critique about this piece of music.
  13. Hey folks- Here's an instrumental piece I wrote for my niece. Thanks for your feedback in advance! Cheers, Pete
  14. Hi all, Came up with this song idea and would appreciate feedback before I continue and write lyrics. https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-linton-3/song-idea-80
  15. Hello all, Here is an instrumental song to celebrate spring I hope you will enjoy it. You can listen to other files and follow me here : on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZqCDfr8fUkN1UBLTqbzcA on Twitter https://twitter.com/bielkamusic on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Bielka-Music-1368356019843598/
  16. Hello Musers. This is a 3-piece instrumental I did a few months ago, but didn't post it on this site. I decided to re-record the bass and tweak the mix. I also renamed it because I took out some of the beginning intro which set up the song. But when I was in the process of recording, especially the solo, I tried to give the feel of going through rush hour traffic. Anyhow, posting this here for any and all comments - particularly mix. Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone, Interstellar Time - it's my new instrumental, synth-orchestral, quasi-soundtrack song inspired by the film: Interstellar. Music composed by me and produced with LMMS (free, cross-platform software). I tried to combine two different musical themes, in a bit different tones. I invite you to listen it here: I'm not a professional or a musician. Composing and creating instrumental music is my hobby. I'm fascinated by film music, trailers music and music from games. I also like to make simple drawings, so I drew the cover myself Regards, Adam
  18. Hi everyone, Lost at Sea - it's my new instrumental, synth-orchestral, soundtrack song inspired by the film: In the Heart of the Sea. Music composed by me and produced with LMMS (free, cross-platform software). I tried to make the whole track atmosphere like "lost at sea" situation, hope is still burning, fight in the background (with weaknesses, with forces of nature and with monsters... Monster under water surface and monsters in ourselves)... I invite you to listen it here: I'm not a professional or a musician. Composing and creating instrumental music is my hobby. I'm fascinated by film music, trailers music and music from games. I also like to make simple drawings, so I drew the cover myself Regards, Adam
  19. Hey everyone! Here's a new song that I just put out. Everything I've done musically up to this point has been written and produced by myself and it would be nice to get some feedback on both sides of the spectrum. Thank you for your time.