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Lyricist, Composer or Both?

Musical Influences?

Found 1 result

  1. My February Lyric Contest entry. Enjoyed writing it and delighted at how well it did. I've added a couple of bits at the start and end (in purple) that I omitted from the contest. Words from a famous 19th century nursery rhyme that might work with the rest of the lyric. The context is that John Druitt was a 31 year old barrister who also earned additional income as a schoolteacher in the 1880s. He came from a family that had a history of suffering from mental health problems and in December 1888 he was discovered drowned in the River Thames with rocks in his pockets. The verdict was suicide. However, what has caused his name to be remembered is that he was named by Inspector MacNaughten as a prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murder case. However, reading up on it, it seems that there was no convincing evidence to suggest that Druitt was violent and his recorded whereabouts (from playing cricket matches) suggest the it's unlikely that he could have been at the locations on the nights of at least some of the murders. The fact that he died shortly after the last Ripper killing seems to have been picked up on by the police as making him a handy person to apportion blame to ... Poor John Druitt Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. Clement’s. (Verse 1) Dark streets of London Oh so long ago Clip of hooves on cobbles The fog's drawn in low, Street vendor shouting “Hear ye the news Jack's struck again And this time it's two!” (Verse 2) First had her throat slit But nothing much more No pieces missing Unlike victim four, Second of the night Jack had more time To slice and rip At the scene of the crime. (Pre chorus) The cops and the press had names in the frame Some destined to get their five minutes of fame There were cutthroats and poisoners Usual suspects to blame But Inspector MacNaughten threw out a name. (Chorus) John Druitt, John Druitt Poor John Druitt Pulled from the Thames With rocks in his pockets, John Druitt, John Druitt Poor John Druitt A handy scapegoat But the facts don’t fit (Bridge) There be men that be given to crazy thoughts Be they in the asylum or in the courts Well, John got six six sixes on the cricket pitches But there weren't no Devil in him. Sure, he fitted the description Had a self-proclaimed affliction But the facts don’t stack Time stamps don’t match Blackheath to Bournemouth Travels to Dorset Matches reported And trains boarded That left little room for late night prowling (Chorus) John Druitt, John Druitt Poor John Druitt Pulled from the Thames With rocks in his pockets, John Druitt, John Druitt Poor John Druitt A handy scapegoat But the facts don’t fit (Verse 3) Wrong part of London No Whitechapel abode No hist’ry of violence Has ever been proved, Dismissed from his job Reason unknown Fearing insanity He died alone (Outro) John didn't do it Poor John Druitt Jack slit throats Some say wrote notes But John didn't do it Here comes a candle to light you to bed, And here comes a chopper to chop off your head!